We are Kinsey. Creative Digital Agency Based in London

In a market that’s often more focused on functionality than good looks, Kinsey stands out as a beautifully designed product. The templates set out to emphasize that.

How can We Help

  • Focus Group Facilitation
    Pull together the stakeholder voices
  • User Interviews
    Find the core of the user experience
  • Rapid Prototyping
    Socialise and visualise the UX
  • Project Phasing
    Plan the release roadmap
  • Scope Capture
    Map out your first step
  • Database Design
    Bringing the data alive
  • Application Coding
    Making the network flow
  • Application Integration
    Connecting to the outside world
  • Security Configuration
    Building robust defences
  • Creative and UX Design
    Inspiring the users
  • Performance Optimisation
    Adding speed to the workflow
  • Flexible hosting
    Adapting to demand
  • Staff recruitment
    Finding the right resources
  • Outsourcing
    Managing the HR
  • KPI's
    Hitting the metrics

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