Our Services

CucumberOS provides a comprehensive choice of services for custom marketplace applications from user research and scoping through rapid prototyping, design, development all the way to options for operational management and service level delivery.

What We Do

  • Focus Group Facilitation
    Pull together the stakeholder voices
  • User Interviews
    Find the core of the user experience
  • Rapid Prototyping
    Socialise and visualise the UX
  • Project Phasing
    Plan the release roadmap
  • Scope Capture
    Map out your first step
  • Database Design
    Bringing the data alive
  • Application Coding
    Making the network flow
  • Application Integration
    Connecting to the outside world
  • Security Configuration
    Building robust defences
  • Creative and UX Design
    Inspiring the users
  • Performance Optimisation
    Adding speed to the workflow
  • Flexible hosting
    Adapting to demand
  • Staff recruitment
    Finding the right resources
  • Outsourcing
    Managing the HR
  • KPI's
    Hitting the metrics