Designing and Developing

  • Database Design
    Bringing the data alive
  • Application Coding
    Making the network flow
  • Application Integration
    Connecting to the outside world
  • Security Configuration
    Building robust defences
  • Creative and UX Design
    Inspiring the users
  • Performance Optimisation
    Adding speed to the workflow

Bringing together the skills to deliver your project.

Data driven. Intelligent. Connected.

We believe that effective user experiences are built by considering multiple factors all together - intuitive relational navigation, intelligent features, a connected environment in a safe haven with inspirational imagery and responsive controls. 

Manage. Track. Deliver.

CucumberOS uses an iterative development methodology with regular checkpoints and project management controls to build in quality, transparency and robustness into the delivered system.


We aim to respond to user testing feedback quickly and accurately so that systems are delivered to specification, fast.

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