Scoping and Prototyping

  • Focus Group Facilitation
    Pull together the stakeholder voices
  • User Interviews
    Find the core of the user experience
  • Rapid Prototyping
    Socialise and visualise the UX
  • Project Phasing
    Plan the release roadmap
  • Scope Capture
    Map out your first step

Our initial scoping and prototyping services convert your vision into a tangible concept.

Listen. Research. Think.

Our initial scoping and prototyping services help to gain consensus on the needs of the users and the features and functions of the system that can support the users needs. Scoping forms the basis of the virtual business ecosystem. 

A picture is worth,..

A thousand words? We work with your team in an inclusive, open and agile environment, where ideas are tested together as a group and in parallel via working prototypes.

A Conception

The end result is a project scope and phasing plan that has buy-in at all levels of the organisation. We're set to go forwards.

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